We bring together a unique collection of experts to create, implement, manage and troubleshoot.

We're a mixed bag of expert marketers, creatives, musos and techies, each with the smarts in their own area.

We’re 45 strong (ish) and we’re located across three different continents.

And we all get along just fine, thank you.

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Andy Pitman

Boss man, advocate of digital for brands and bucket list film producer

He co-founded Kaleidovision in his garage in 1992 to film concerts, and what a ride it’s been since. Fast forward, our head honcho has relentlessly created a truly integrated and creative agency to offer a smarter, faster and more cost-savvy way to help revive, reposition and grow brands. He has collected a totally brilliant team of experts – a real red-hot mix of talent, skills and tech – to deliver extraordinary music and digital for brands, again and again.

We think we’re lucky to have him: he’s a rare mix of creative thinking, marketing prowess, tech know-how and has a wealth of experience creating and managing new brands and businesses. He can tackle anything that’s thrown at him: crafting high level corporate film scripts or coming up with entrepreneurial creative business solutions; developing a new tech product or producing visionary ideas in the edit suite; and knitting together intricate, joined-up strategies so some of the world’s best brands can weave their magic.

He’s super hands-on and massively passionate about what we do, and has worked with a roll-call of brands who really know their stuff: the BBC and Channel 4 through Aspria, Hunter and Diageo to the Hyatt and InterContinental hotels. His knowledge of the industry is ridiculously vast.

When he’s not inspiring us to push the digital boat out, he’s skiing, sailing or being educated in the ways of the world by his six-year-old. If you need to know how cave bears survived in the Italian Alps, he’s your man.

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Paul Buckthorpe

Barn-storming tech wiz

Paul’s skills are widespread and generally awesome, spanning organisation, delivery, project and operations management through to a brilliant client-facing, commercial attitude, in-depth knowledge of coding and an inspiring vision for our tech. In a former life, he founded a successful internet agency and broadband service provider. Meaning he understands the technical requirements as well as the business needs of each client. He’s a totally safe pair of hands. In fact, he’s a qualified football coach for adoring U11s and U9s at the weekends, when he’s not converting his barn into a Grand Designs-inspired masterpiece.

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Lauren Verge

Music legend, oven watcher

With a mind-boggling knowledge of all kinds of music, Lauren is a total music obsessive. As well as having toured the world playing in bands and Djing for years, she’s been an artist manager and ran her own record labels and club nights. When she’s not devouring new music, watching bands or Djing, you’ll find her spending quality time with her fur baby and the Kaleidovision office pooch, Teddy.

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Andrew Square2

Andrew Lytollis

Slam-dunk branding boffin

Business guru Andrew set up our Dubai office in 2014 to grow our group presence in the region. From managing the music identity and customer experience of some of the world’s most respected brands in the Middle East, he returns to the UK now as our sister agency Music Concierge’s Global Sales Director, with an in-depth understanding of the luxury retail and hospitality arenas.

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Paul S

Paul Shafer

Music and food technician

With a BTech in music technology and composition under his belt, Paul launched himself into sound and music programming, as an audio technician and in-house composer, founding his own composers’ agency. Paul is a total extrovert, quick on the uptake and passionate about two things: people and music. He has a solid intuition for what each client is looking for, managing projects in different business sectors with a deft hand and helping us grow our brand in an exciting emerging market. In his spare time, Paul is a passionate foodie and loves to cook… and eat!

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Peter Day

Bringer or business, builder of brands

A born entrepreneur with a CV that’s as long as a Ken Follett novel. Strategic creative planning, international sales, branding, marketing communications, product development, project management… he understands it all. Peter has the golden touch when it comes to making client contacts and bringing in new business for us. How does he do it? We have no idea. But he does. He lives with his family in a little village by the beach in Hong Kong, travelling widely to spread the news of how Kaleidovision can help build brands using digital and music. Allegedly, his mother was in a well known Scottish country dance band, but that hasn’t held him back…

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Tom Webb

Eye on the ball

Since 2008, Tom has delivered technology products and technology services, mainly in London’s financial sector. He developed his career during the recession in Service Management and Project Management roles and has brought his orderly mind, clear communication skills and knowledge of cutting-edge technology to Kaleidovision.
When he’s not on a PC he’s on the rugby field. Eve though his body has started telling him it’s not such a good idea.

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Amy Heneghan

Marketing and brand supremo, process queen, cake maker

With a Marketing degree with Psychology, Amy really gets it. She has an incredible intuitive approach to branding, creative, consumers and contemporary culture that’s a real touchstone for our agency, understanding the mix from every stakeholder’s point of view – and a real flair for social media. She’s a master at liaising with creatives and techies to make sure that everyone is in tune, and inspires us all by her ability to make things happen… exactly the way they should. And you have to admire someone who spends the morning whipping up cupcakes then shouts her head off at Chelsea FC all afternoon.

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Nick Soons

Bearded music addict and connoisseur

Our in-house music master is an unashamed hipster who gets what’s going down, and brings his love for all things music across a wide variety of genres from underground and disco-inspired to funk. He worked for six years in hospitality, so understands the industry from the inside out, giving him an in-depth insight into creating the right bespoke playlist for an independent restaurant right up to nation-wide companies. He’s a footwear hoarder – shoes, trainers, sneakers, you name it, he’s edging triple figures – whose gargantuan beard has been known to stop people in the street. Probably checking if there is a family of windrushes living in it. Really.

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Milly Walpole

Philosophical, rugby-loving media mover

After a deep-thinking degree in Philosophy at Exeter University, Milly followed her calling to a London agency to sell print media for the Telegraph, Guardian, Spectator and Time Inc.
We’re delighted she’s chosen to come to Kaleidovision, bringing her brilliant communication and business skills, as well as the ability to build strong relationships with our clients.
And when she’s off-duty, Milly indulges her loves of travel, gin and rugby… She’s a massive fan of the scrum, and even served as a hostess at Exeter Chiefs and Saracens rugby clubs.

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Diane Li

People person and secret artist

Diane, a fireball of intelligence, energy and general niceness. Diane completed a degree in Business Administration (Finance) and a Masters in Information System Management, and moved to the USA to build impressive international experience in business relations, negotiation, event organisation and even managing an education centre.
Since joining us, she has jetted between Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Dubai and the UK, keeping our clients happy and spreading her brilliant people, management and communication skills around the globe.
Multi-lingual, super-smart and commercially savvy, Diane lives in Shanghai, plays the piano a bit and paints on the quiet.

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Stefan Christopher

Lights, camera, action man

He’s worked for six years in 2D and 3D motion graphics and video production, crafting ad campaigns and corporate videos for Intel, Playmobil, PC World and Heinz in Singapore, Dubai, Germany and the US.

What drives him? The noble pursuit of finding new ways to do things and putting his own twist on the creativity. He’s interested in anything to do with film and the production process, and has even made his own trilogy of sci-fi shorts called ‘The Deadline’… which ironically missed the competition deadline. He’s done a major shoot with footballer-with-hairdo David Ginola, tried his hand as a painter and decorator, and is currently on a quest to find the best burger in the UK. Now, that’s an all-rounder.

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Paul Damian

Visionary creative with his eye on the target

Paul is one of our visual gurus, as good at giving direction and coming up with concepts as he is directing 3D motion graphics animation or taking shots. His short films have been officially selected for Cannes and Locarno, and we think he’s one of the best video editors around. He constantly astounds us with his brilliant, out-of-the-box ideas that push visual storytelling to the limit. You can tell by his haircut and headwear that he lives and breathes art-house cinema and experimental exhibitions. And his great hidden talent? He’s a table tennis master and a champion archer.

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Grace Flynn

Picture-perfect client skills

Our youngest team member, our rising star has boundless energy and a real affinity with people. She’s had a host of customer-facing roles, from casual dining to retail, and developed her considerable organisational skills at a financial consultancy in her previous role. She’s on a mission to help our clients in any way she can. And when you speak to her, ask her about her creative leaning: in her spare time, she dabbles in art and photography.

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Nick Spratt

Chat show host in the making

Our Helpdesk guru has amazing people skills that run from advising, problem solving and a bit of counselling thrown in. He’s been with us around eight years, so his knowledge of the company, products and systems is encyclopedia-like. His attention to detail and quick wit are legendary at Kaleidovision Towers, and his great claim to fame is that he used to work for Cirque de Soleil in Australia… but don’t ask him to do anything trapeze-related.

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Fi Clarkson

Glastonbury champ

Fi is one of our headphone-wearing brigade who keeps sites and systems on the crest of relevant sounds. She’s right on the curve of current music, festivals and moshpits, but her broad tastes run all the way from indie and funk to 90s rock ballads (we weren’t supposed to say that) helping her pinpoint the right sounds for brands, and she’s been doing it for more than a decade. In her downtime, she’s usually cooking, baking and eating – and her claim to respect is that she’s clocked up 11 Glastonburys, more than anyone else in the agency.

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Mo Ram

Online, off-piste

Mo’s peerless programming skills and software knowledge mean he has anything technology-related covered belt and braces. He came to us after a decade working as Director at Bermouda Ltd. and lecturing at the University of Westminster to pass on his smarts, so he really knows the code.

What we’ve uncovered is his avid collecting of Kinder eggs – he won’t even allow his young son near them. Oh, he also spent six hours walking down from the Matterhorn glacier wearing flip flops… just don’t try it at home.

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Mark Hoffmann

Master troubleshooter in anyone’s language

He’s worked through from the Southern to the Northern Hemisphere developing software for banks, insurance and distribution companies, and is the troubleshooting ranger for our company’s software. The Hoff is a machine who understands our software and how it integrates like no one else, having worked on every area from creating web-based interfaces to maintaining scheduling software for our graphics and music systems. 
Oh, and he can update you in one of the three languages he speaks fluently.

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Sami Fahmy

Tech boffin, kitchen wizard

If your IT has hit problems, Sami will get you through. He’s a master problem-shooter who keeps his eagle eyes on the servers, hardware and infrastructure across all our client sites. His mission: to ensure smooth-running functionality. His idea of fun: toying with Linux boot issues and hardware upgrades… things the rest of us have long accepted that we will never understand. But most surprising is that he worked in catering in a previous life, and once managed a birthday function for Vinnie Jones.

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Phil Thomas

Cooking up tech support

Livewire Philip is our secret weapon. Analysing and resolving faults across our products, he supports customers like no other. In fact, he not only studied IT, but also motorsports mechanics, is founder of a gaming community and competes in video game tournaments, so his knowledge covers many bases.

He’s deeply entrenched in the music scene, playing drums and singing in three bands. And in what little spare time he gets, he co-runs a bakery whose chocolate brownies are mini miracles. Just ask around the people licking their fingers in the KV office.

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Kojo Brown

Turntable king, technical wizard

As well as being a part-time DJ and connoisseur of new technology and gadgets, Kojo brings a mix of skills to the Kaleidovision fold. After studying Computer & Network Technology, he built up solid experience in support roles in the 3D, hardware and operating systems areas. Combine that with his music knowledge and ability to pump up the energy on every DJ set he does in clubs and private functions, and you have a formidable support team member. Respect.

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Daniel Burell

Relentless helper and office handyman

Our Support Technician knows his craft well, with Computing OS & Network Infrastructure degrees and background in customer support roles that cover every aspect of computing, from gaming companies to Thomson Reuters.

Daniel’s sharp tech skills, focus and desire to learn more make him a dab hand at helping with customer enquiries and finding solutions, with an all-round knowledge of all our hardware.

And if you need a small office building in your back garden, then he’s your man.

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Yuki v2

Yuki Leung

Songbird at the cutting edge

Yuki is a well-followed food and lifestyle blogger in her native Hong Kong, pinpointing the hippest, newest, hottest restaurants, bars and retail concepts in town, as well as performing as a singer.

She’s also a skilled business developer who helps define and deliver the Kaleidovision message in the Far East, with expertise in building lasting relationships with clients, and an in-depth understanding of hospitality and retail markets.

In her spare time – although how does she find any? – she writes for magazines, cooks and bakes, create handicrafts and art, and travels the world.

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Hetal Panchal

Tech-savvy shuttlecock shooter

Armed with a Masters in Computer Application and Information Technology, Hetal built up her library of skills in PHP, Wordpress, Drupal and Codeignatoer in a variety of different roles. She’s a brilliant programmer, with a deep understanding of all the hardware and software that Kaleidovision supplies.
In her off-time, she’s also a great cook, experimenting with vegetarian and vegan recipes that fuel her badminton playing.

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Mat Taylor

Slave to the rhythm

Mat is the real McCoy: a fully paid-up muso who drums for Flux Pavilion’s live band and played South West Four on Clapham Common. He started at indie record label Circus Records, then moved to educational magazine TES as social media manager before coming to Kaleidovision.

With a degree from Brighton Institute of Modern Music and National Diploma in Music Practice and Performance, his technical and theoretical knowledge of making music is second to none, as well as his knowledge of music trivia. Go on, try him. Also, he once played a gig in a mental asylum in Holland, so he should fit in perfectly here…

Faye Blue

Faye Patterson

Project management to sing about

Faye is a born juggler, with a background in sales, customer service, operations and project management in the telecommunications and medical supply fields, keeping her head while dealing with challenging situations in crazy-busy environments.

Since she joined Kaleidovision, she’s flexed her great organisation and communication skills, helping to steer projects smoothly and without fuss. Constantly sunny and positive, she’s also a natural for the music industry: she’s an aspiring singer currently recording her first EP.

Mo Lin
Mo Lin blue
Mo Lin

Mo Lin

Customer service guru

After finishing her studies at Bocconi University with a finance major, Mo joined a young internet venture in Hong Kong and worked at establishing viable business partnerships. Today, she works for Kaleidovision, developing our business in China and providing an invaluable touchpoint for clients in the Far East.

She knows how to connect and exceed client expectations every time, Mo truly excels in customer service.

An expert in the China market, she has experiences in F&B as well as fashion wholesales. What's more? She is on her way to be an expert in hospitality.

Outside of work she enjoys travel and fitness – as well as dressing it up in great fashion.

Marie Blue

Marie Hill

Spinning happiness and efficiency

Marie’s BA in Business Management, background in customer service and various other customer-facing roles give her a unique people-focused outlook.

She’s chirpy whatever the time of day – even first thing in the morning, save us! – and brings her focus and organisation to help the team’s fast-moving work schedule.

When she’s not masterminding our progress, she takes in a lot of documentaries and enjoys pumping in a fast-paced spin class.

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