Music capturing past glamour through the lens of today

The retail chain was founded in 1996 to champion women dressing up and looking beautiful, using modern couture-worthy fabrics, hand-painted prints and stunning colour palettes.

The Challenge

We had worked with the Mosaic Fashions Group before – on sister brands Oasis and Warehouse – before we were approached by Coast. The high-street clothing brand wanted to refresh its image while remaining true to its core values of serving the contemporary woman who is confident, feminine and has her own inimitable style.

What we did

The soundscape we created had to capture the essence of feeling wonderful and looking incredible, embodying profound, yet effortless, confidence. Coast is about every-day dressing up, so we delved into our toolbox for a feminine soundtrack of pretty vocals and sensual, contemporary music to make customers feel beautiful.


We found music inspiration in the glamour of the past, reinterpreting it to feel very much today to speak volumes to the Coast woman. Our fine balance of musical cues and multi-layered arrangements drew on the brand’s hand-painted prints and exquisite attention to detail. 

The day-parting strategy mirrored the journey of the Coast woman, from the quick shop at lunch time to Saturday afternoons finding something special to wear for an occasion.


Overall, an ultra-contemporary music identity creates beautiful musical moments of magic to reinforce the brand’s glamour. 

Coast 06

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